Get more out of your participation

at VICTAM International 2026


Customized Marketing Opportunities

The information at this page is to assist exhibitors of the event to archive an effective exhibition. Exhibitions can be an important and powerful marketing tool, but the results depend strongly on the preparation and how the company is presented at the event. 

A good preparation, actively inviting your customers and be visible at the event can easily double the success rate of your participation. From our surveys we see that companies who invite their clients are much more succesfull than companies who do not, as an invited customer will not pass your stand easily. Also we see that companies active in a conference program or having a technical presentation attract more serious sales leads.

As we realize that many companies have difficulties with how to prepare and where to start, it would be our pleasure to support you, so please do not hestite to contact us. Here below we present some possibilities to be more visible at the exhibition floor.


Give your organisation maximum exposure to a sophisticated audience, including top decision makers in the industry, by obtaining a sponsorship item or conference sponsor package for Victam International and GRAPAS Europe 2025. 

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Technical Seminar

In the theatre on the exhibition floor, companies can give a technical presentation about their product innovations, researches, or other interesting subject. 

If you are interested to buy a 45 minute session, please send us an email so we can discuss the available sloth and rates.

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VIP Invitations

To enhance the visitor experience and to position your company as the host to your invitees, we offer our exhibitors the opportunity to invite 10 of their best clients as VIPs at the event. 

The VIP experience is a visitor experience for your guest and an added value for you as they remember you as their host.

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Digital invitations with Tracking info

We offer you both digital and hard copy invitation cards to send to your customers.

The digital invitations contain a link to follow the steps of your customer. Did they register and when did they enter the exhibition hall? An effective tool to attract more visitors and measure your marketing campaign.

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Your Logo and News in our channels

Your success is our success so we are very keen to promote your participation.

Please send us your logo, company details, news or articles so we can do our utmust to support your campaign, through our marketing channels.

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Eye Catcher

With a banner, flag, or a zeppelin above your stand, you will be seen from a long distance. It can lead visitors to your stand and it is a great branding of your company.

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Exhibitor Manual

VICTAM has compiled the exhibitor manual to assist exhibitors with their preparation for this event. This document is supplemental to the information already available in the exhibitor portal and webshop. 

The 2026 exhibitor manual is not yet available