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The GRAPAS Innovation Award

Milling and Grain magazine, the oldest milling magazine still in print – and first published in 1891 – is once again holding the GRAPAS Innovation Awards at GRAPAS Europe and Victam International 2026.

The Award will be made to the most innovative and economically beneficial equipment, process or service in the milling of grains and cereals for food production at GRAPAS Europe 2026.

All GRAPAS Innovation Award recipients will be published in an edition of Milling and Grain magazine along with a review of the event itself. This issue will not only reach MAG print readers, but will be promoted widely through the magazine's social media to ensure maximum awareness of the Award winner within the milling industry globally.

Nominations are being called for from all sectors of food milling and from non-exhibiting and exhibiting companies alike. Those shortlisted for the Award, will have the opportunity to display their product in a special award’s area at the entrance to the exhibition hall for all visitors to view. 

Entries can be made from one of three categories:

  • A milling technology development (for flour, rice or other cereal)
  • A production process or refinement that makes for more efficient and/or safe production of food
  • A service (online or otherwise) that helps millers achieve their goals more efficiently
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How to enter

1. Products must service the food industry, not the feed industry. (They can service both, but we do not accept applications that are only applicable to feed milling)

2. Products cannot be entered into the Award if they have been entered into the GRAPAS Innovations Award in the past

3. Given the global pandemic, this year’s products must have been introduced to the market no earlier than January 2018

4. A member of your company must be available on May 31st 2022 to give a short presentation on your entry at the GRAPAS Conference at VICTAM International

5. Applications can be made by both exhibitors and non-exhibitors

6. Winners will be announced on May 31st, 2022 at VICTAM International 2022

To submit your entry please answer the questions below and email to

Entry Form

To submit your entry please answer the questions below and email to

 1) Name of product/service: ….

2) When was product/service introduced to the market? …..

3) What is new about the product/service?

Please provide supporting information ….

4) Advantage of this product/service over existing ones

Please provide any relevant supporting information ….

As the shortlist of nominations will be displayed at Victam International 2022 for final voting,voting, please be prepared to supply hi-res images of the product, your company logo and 300-words of text about the product, to be posted in the Awards Area at Victam.

Join our 60th anniversary on June 2 - 4, 2026!

VICTAM International and GRAPAS Europe 2026, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands