Animal Feed Award

The Animal Feed Technology & Nutrition Awards

The Animal Feed Technology & Nutrition Awards recognise the best innovations in feed processing and nutrition technology. In 2022, Milling and Grain saw the The Animal Feed Technology & Nutrition Awards (AFTAN) feature seven brilliant innovations for the feed industry, which proved to be a great success.

The award will be made to the most innovative and economically beneficial equipment, process or service animal feed nutrition.

All award recipients will be published in an edition of Milling and Grain magazine along with a review of the event itself. This issue will not only reach MAG print readers, but will be promoted widely through the magazine's social media to ensure maximum awareness of the award winner within the industry globally.

Nominations are being called for from non-exhibiting and exhibiting companies alike. Those shortlisted for the award will have the opportunity to display their product in a special award"s area at the entrance to the Victam exhibition hall for all visitors to view.

Winners will be crowned at VICTAM International 2026.

Three winners of the 2022 The Animal Feed Technology & Nutrition Awards were crowned:

Geelen Counterflow's Electric Dryer
For the category of 'Environment', Geelen Counterflow's latest dryer took home the gold. With its ability to reduce energy consumption by up to 65 percent, as well as its complete removal of CO2 emissions, the Electric Dryer is an incredible innovation that showcases how powerful solutions can also be energy efficient and sustainable.

Van Aarsen's Hot Start Steam Mixer
Van Aarsen's Hot Start Steam Mixer was selected as the winner for the 'Process' category, and its easy to see why this innovative solution won the award. The Hot Start Steam Mixer optimises feed safety by adding steam into the conditioning process, resulting in optimised hygienisation.

Famsun's SWFL170 Vertical Pulveriser
For the category 'Aquaculture', Famsun's SWFL170 Vertical Pulveriser won the coveted trophy. The SWFL170 boasts a variety of new features, including its alloy-enhanced blade and new tooth-beating system. The device is also able to seamlessly and efficiently help asisst in making optimal feed for aquatic species.

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