Victam and Covid 19

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The Dutch government dropped all remaining coronavirus restrictions as per 25 February. The following relaxations came into effect:


  • Normal pre-pandemic opening hours will apply to all public venues such as restaurants, cinemas, and a digital corona certificate (DCC) will no longer be necessary to get access to venues.
  • Exhibitions can be staged to their full capacity and entrance does no longer require the presentation of a covid health certificate.
  • For exhibitions (so called “continuous flow” events) it is not necessary to provide a negative test result.
  • Social distancing and face mask wearing will no longer be obligatory but recommended, with the exception of mandatory mask wearing on public transport and at airports.
  • As per the 25th of February travel restrictions for non-EU residents pertaining to quarantine requirements will also be eased further. In this context, for example, the obligation for travellers who have not been fully vaccinated to go into quarantine upon arrival in the Netherlands will no longer apply. For the latest update on travelling to the Netherlands we kindly refer you to:
It’s time to get together again!

Global circumstances continue to evolve and with the realisation that Covid-19 is not going to go away governments are charging ahead in finding the right balance between cautiousness, safety and a liveable and economically flourishing society. With the early proactive action of the Dutch government, successful vaccination and booster campaigns and health expert views, we have every confidence we can run a successful in-person event this Spring.

The continuous commitment of long time exhibitors and surge in demand for stand space amongst newcomers demonstrate the eagerness to meet in an in-person setting is omnipresent. Our Victam campaign confirms the positive outlook from visitors for our Spring event: visitors from over 70 countries have already registered their attendance.